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Jiaxing glass company can not only provide all kinds of high quality glass containers, but can also supply a whole range of matched products and accessories in a one-stop service which is a great advantage.

Our company — Guangzhou Jiaxing Glass Products co., Ltd -- produce many types of glass:   Skincare cosmetic glass bottles and jars, glass serum and dropper bottles, essential oil bottles, glass vials, syringes, etc.Our decoration workshops can provide lacquering, silkscreening, hot stamping and frosting processes direct in our factory. Our in-process facility can decorate our products with any color, any texture and with different glosses. 

Jiaxing company was established in 2003 and has been working since then to become the ideal partner to our clients by continually improving quality, shortening lead time and promoting a superior service.

The Jiaxing company is located in Baiyun Guangzhou, within 15 mins of Baiyun airport.

Welcome to Guangzhou Jiaxing Glass, Ltd!